Nothing fancy, just a DARN shirt

DARN Apparel is a very important part of our DARN mission.  For the last 2 years it has helped us raise enough money to help several different FFA chapters out with projects, help sponsor a college scholarship for a well deserving FFA student looking to go to school to become a Ag Teacher and so much more.  This year we are hoping to have a record year of giving back and making a huge impact on the FFA and 4-H community.

No, we are not fancy.  No we do not do a lot of DARN designs. It’s just a DARN shirt for a great cause! We are not trying to compete with the trending t-shirt companies out there who come and go.  DARN is a mission, and anyone who wears a DARN shirt is promoting a way of life and respect for farmers, ranchers and the agricultural industry.  With out them we  would be hungry and we would also be naked(big eyes open)! The DARN logo promotes a lifestyle and culture of, “do unto others”, ” help thy neighbor”, “Give credit where credits due”, “walk strong in your faith”and to sum it all up… have INTEGRITY!

So next time you are looking for a shirt or hat to buy, look for the DARN logo.  It’s not fancy but it has a big purpose and making huge strides for the FFA and 4-H and to help raise awareness of farming and agri”culture” to the youth. Besides, everyone needs a DARN shirt or hat!

You can find DARN Apparel online or you can find us at Way out West in Davenport, FL and Remington Outpost in Brooksville, FL.

Do you Give a DARN?


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