Johnny Georges of tree T-PEE Gives a DARN

There are times in our lives that we must stand up and say, “DARN it, this is right and I am going to do it!”  This is exactly what Johnny Georges has done with his product the Tree-T-Pee.  When passion, desire, outstanding work ethic, and the right mission come along there will be no stopping the strides forward.  Johnny has brought the mission of conserving water for the future to the present and is utilizing the platform he has earned to spread the message.

Most of the time when we meet for interviews we are in office spaces or homes but today we were in a driveway under beautiful oaks in Arcadia.  We never made it inside because Johnny is mesmerizing, thought provoking, and truly passionate about the mission he has undertaken.  The first stop was to look at one of the now famous Tree-T-Pee’s and get the explanation of how something so simplistic can make such a drastic difference.  From there, well there was nowhere else, we began the best dialogue about life, family, business, finding the right partners, and where the Tree-T-Pee goes from here.  The man we all saw on Shark Tank is the same man that filled my notebook for hours.   He is genuine, sincere, and heartfelt about what he is supposed to do.  As we delved into his “new found” success he picked up one of the Tree-T-Pee’s that was stamped with the date 1986.  He stated that he was been working on this for 30 years.  This lesson in perseverance should serve us all well.  Johnny noted that for years he took the water out of the ground now he wants to save it for generations to come.

We spoke about the importance of family and what they have taught him.  His work ethic and frugal nature were instilled in him by his mom and dad.  His wife, Natalie is what keeps him so driven.  There are 4 children and one on the way.  The children and Natalie bring him great happiness.  He enjoys spending time with them and tries to miss nothing that they do.  Johnny said he would like his legacy to be that he has left a better place for his family than he found it.   His goal is to set that example every day.  He talked about the importance of learning what value was at an early age, working with his dad, and seeing the example that his parents set in front of him.  Johnny was in FFA in high school, loves sports, and today you can find him riding his Polaris RZR.

Passion and a strong message is a tough combination to beat.  While we were discussing values he quoted from memory the entire piece from Edgar A. Guest titled, “I’d rather see a sermon
than hear one any day.”  This became the moment where it went from being an interview about his experience on Shark Tank and what the Tree-T-Pee can do for agriculture to how do we get further into his mind and the depth of character he displays.  When you see Johnny he is wearing his trademark long sleeve t-shirt, hat, shorts, and work boots.  The depth comes when you shut your mouth and listen to what he has to say.  We spoke about how humble this process has made him as he has traveled around the United States and now the world showing what the Tree-T-Pee can do.  He was amazingly appreciative of what John Paul DeJoria, his Shark Tank investor, has done for him and what they still do together.  The Tree-T-Pee opens the door, Johnny is truly the messenger.  When asked why he chose Mr. Dejoria for his Shark Johnny’s answer was very clear.  “We both have a mission to conserve and John Paul told me that I was the best at what I do”, and Johnny replied, “John Paul is the best at what he does.”  CAPITALISM WORKS!  As we were speaking Johnny stopped and said write that down.  His belief in the value of hard work and a dream is very present.

As we finished up the question was raised, “What is the biggest problem facing the business at this point?”  His answer should strike accord with all those in the field.  Johnny stated, “Water is a commodity and fertilizer is a commodity.”  He went on to say, “a farmer who never has used the Tree-T-Pee hates it and the farmer who has touched one loves it.”  So what is the Tree-T-Pee?  Simply put it is a water containment device made from 100% recyclable material.  It will cut the use of water by 75% and lessen watering time from 8 hours to 30 minutes.  How did he come up with such a simple solution to such a big problem?  He took a shower.  Johnny said that his AHA moment was when he got a new water-saving shower head many years back and was reading the package.  It started running through his head that if this shower head could save this many gallons how much would his device save per sprinkler in the field.

    A man with a mission, drive, and a platform can accomplish amazing fetes.  Johnny is the All-American story of a man with a mission.  Success has only driven him to pursue his mission with more fervor.  He has introduced a new product, the Bug Bear, to compliment the Tree-T-Pee.  Suits are not required when there is hard work to get done.  The time we at DARN got to spend with Johnny is time that we will never forget.  If you ever get the chance to meet the man, look him in the eyes, ask him a question, then, be prepared to listen.  You’ll probably learn something.  

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